Rollercoin: Free to play. Earn Up To $100 A Day Passively. Possibly the #1 Crypto Play to Earn Game.

Updated: Apr 21

RollerCoin (official website) is one of the best free (fastest growing) Bitcoin mining games out there to date: play and earn mining power to mine Bitcoin, Ethereum, Matic, Dogecoin, and more.

What is Rollercoin and how does it work?

Rollercoin (official website) is a cryptocurrency with Bitcoin as the payment method. It seems incredible to be able to play fun games while still earning Bitcoin, but that is precisely what this website provides.

This site has all of the thrills of mining and generating money without the tedious technicalities of the real procedure. You only need to create a character and play the games.

You may level up your character, engage in adventures, compete against friends, and see Satoshi arrive. After that, you may either withdraw your funds or continue to invest in the game. Here's a quick tutorial on Rollercoin (official website) as well as some tips and tricks to get you started.

The most impressive part of this is you can create wealth passively 24/7. The top players, as of right now, earn up to $100 per day in crypto passively! I say as of right now because the game is fairly new (3 years). My estimate, in five more years the top players will be racking up to $500 passively a day.

Withdrawals On Rollercoin.

It's as easy as it gets to withdraw money from Rollercoin (official website). You earn Satoshi, the smallest unit of Bitcoin. You can also earn up to 6 other cryptocurrencies and withdraw them as well. That money, just like in real life, goes into your wallet, where you may decide what to do with it.

To withdraw it and transfer it to your crypto wallet, just pick the Wallet option and input a valid crypto wallet address. The transfer is complete after you input the desired amount and confirm it. No further action is required.

I myself have made several withdrawals. Most are over $1,000. I'm not saying this to boast, but to assure you that I've received the withdrawal in my wallet in less than 24 hours each time.

Pros of Rollercoin.

What I enjoy about this game is how swiftly the player may climb the ladder. It makes no difference if you started last year or last week; your chances of breaking into the top 1% in the game are the same.

Gaining Gh/s using minigames is far more efficient, but this only lasts for a limited period. That implies that someone who has given up on the game will swiftly fall down the leaderboard. So Persistence will pay off!

I'm also looking forward to the new improvements that will be published throughout the coming few years. They appear to be bringing a plethora of new gameplay and experiences to the game. When all of the new changes pour in, having a few miners or a basic understanding of the game might be vital.

Cons of Rollercoin.

In all honesty, I see very few cons when it comes to Rollercoin (official website). The only downside I can see would be the time being spent on the game. With time comes great rewards though.

Rollercoin official website >>

Get a head start above the rest. Here is a referral link that will get you 1,000 free in-game Satoshi when you register.

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